Age: 24 | Sex: Female | Height: 5'8"
"The Enigmatic Esper"

A young lady who recently joined the Bureau, she has begun rising through the ranks due to her dedication and attention to detail. A rare esper, she has the psychic ability to read the emotions of others. Her seemingly cold demeanor is actually due to her tight control over her powerful emotions. The Bureau's memory erasure has made the circumstances of her past unknown.


Age: 30 | Sex: Male | Height: 6'2″
"The Ingenious Investigator"

A veteran agent, Blue has survived plenty of scrapes thanks to his abilities of clairvoyance. A crack shot with the revolver and a skilled detective, Blue was recently partnered with Violet to show her the ropes. His casual personality hides a powerful sense of duty, and rumor has it that he used to be an Enforcer.


Age: 28 | Sex: Female | Height: 5'9″
"The Dangerous Devotee"

Red used to be Blue's partner, until a certain incident caused them to go their separate ways. She remains one of the Bureau's most feared and respected agents, with the ability to teleport anywhere. She seems to be becoming more and more consumed with gaining power, claiming that a cultist figure holds the answers to humanity's plight - but are they the right answers?

Chief Noble

Age: 35 | Sex: Male | Height: 6’3″
"The Staunch Statesman"

The Chief of the Bureau, a former agent rumored to have been chosen by the Selenon, he is privy to the most secret information. He is insistent that the New Moon Resistance be wiped out before humanity itself is destroyed in retribution. His take-no-prisoners personality can be grating to some, but no one dares contest his decisions.

Miss Pierce

Age: ??? | Sex: Female | Height: 5'8″
"The Studious Secretary"

A prim, mature-sounding woman who functions as the Chief's secretary and closest confidante. She is best known for her opaque glasses that hide her expressions. Always in-tune with the affairs of the Bureau, she has an uncanny habit of appearing whenever you need something. She also oversees the Bureau's vast life-support systems.


Age: ??? | Sex: Female | Height: ???

A widely-known figure within the Resistance, she is on the Bureau's Most Wanted list. Her motives are unclear, but she seems to want to kidnap Violet for unknown reasons. She isn't afraid to attack anyone who gets in her way, and her ultimate goal is thought to be the dissolution of the Bureau, as a stepping stone for striking out against the Selenon.